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Welcome to the Inland Empire .NET User's Group

The Inland Empire .NET User’s Group promotes the learning of all the .NET Framework has to offer, as well as, exploring development methodologies, databases, and desktop and web applications.

Regardless of experience, the IEDOTNETUG is open to all who have a passion for software development and a desire to participate.


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We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at
Riverside Medical Clinic

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Next User Group Meeting

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Riverside Medical Clinic from 6:30 to 9:30 pm.

Adnan Masood
Base Class Libraries in the .NET Framework 4.0

Just about everyone who uses Microsoft .NET uses the Base Class Libraries (BCL). In this presentation, Adnan Masood will provide a detailed technical overview of the new additions to the BCL in .NET 4 beta 1 including Support for code contracts, Parallel extensions (tasks, concurrent collections, and coordination data structures), support for tuples, File IO improvements, support for memory mapped files, sorted set collection, support for arbitrarily large integers, generic variance annotations on interfaces and delegates, support for accessing 32-bit and 64-bit registry views and creating volatile registry keys, globalization data updates and compression improvements. This is a code intensive talk so those allergic to slides are encouraged to come.

Adnan Masood is a technical lead in a Monrovia-based financial institution where he develops SOA based enterprise applications, distributed systems, and Web-applications using the Microsoft .NET framework. A Microsoft Certified Trainer, Adnan holds various professional memberships (ACM, BCS,and ACS) and several technical certifications, including MCSD .NET, MCPD .NET, and SCJP-II. Adnan is attributed and published in print media and on the Web, holds a master's degree in computer science from Nova Southeastern University, and is currently pursuing his doctoral studies in machine learning. Adnan has taught Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) courses at the University of California at San Diego and regularly presents at local code camps. He is actively involved in the .NET community as cofounder and president of the of San Gabriel Valley .NET Developers group. Adnan is a recent recipient of an INETA Community Champion Award for his contributions to the developer community in Southern California.

The Inland Empire .NET User's Group Book Review Program is in full swing!

Get free books and a chance at fame and fortune. For more details, get the Program Overview.

2008/2009 Most Valuable Member Awards

The Second Annual Most Valuable Member Event was a BIG success. Four presenters, Salvadoran food, tons of swag, 58 attendees, and three well deserving recipients of the Most Valuable Member Award


Most Valuable Member 2008/2009. Total points of 26,350 - Volkan Uzun

Once again, Volkan has shown his commitment to the development community and returns as the 2008/2009 MVM. Volkan is constantly spreading his knowledge and helping others to learn. Many times he donates his raffle prizes to other members, or people he knows, who don't have the software. Volkan is very approachable and is always willing to lend a hand.

MVM Runner Up. Total points of 17,980 - Matt Penner

Matt took it upon himself to start videotaping the user group meetings, and is an important member of the user group. He is constantly coming up with new ideas on how to distribute presentations. Matt has given several presentations to the group and continues to amaze with his level of expertise.

MVM Second Runner Up. Total points of 8,360 - Dennis Palmer

Dennis' first IEDOTNETUG Meeting was at the First Annual MVM Event. He said the meeting inspired him to start attending the meetings and has become an essential member of the group. Dennis continually spreads the word about the IEDOTNETUG and started the twitter tag, #IEDOTNETUG.

Congratulations to all!

And a really big "Thanks!" to the sponsors who came through to help me with this. Rachel Hawley at Developer Express, Britt King at JetBrains, Betsy Weber at TechSmith, Emily Parker at telerik, Kathleen Rader at Infragistics, Marsee Henon at O’Reilly, Ashley Zurcher at Wrox, Leonardo Cuellar at Apress, Andrea Bledsoe at Pearson, Janine Rood at InnerWorkings, Eve Turzillo at ComponentOne, Sofie Westlake at Red Gate, Mariah Maclachlan at Balsamiq, Leon Bambrick and Atli Björgvin Oddsson at TimeSnapper, and Erin Jacobs at Microsoft

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A big THANK YOU to InnerWorkings for this great opportunity!

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See you soon!